Conference "VII Congress of All-Ukrainian Association of Plant Biologists and XIV International Scientific Conference «Factors in Experimental Evolution of Organisms»" / 2019

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September 15–20 2019



  • Genome Evolution in Nature and in Experiment
  • General and Population Genetics
  • Molecular Genetics and Plant Genomics
  • Applied Genetics and Breeding
  • Human Genetics and Medical Genetics
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Genetic Resources
  • Molecular and Cell Biotechnologies
  • Ecological Genetics
  • Bioinformatics and Protein Engineering
  • History of Biology, Teaching of Genetics, Breeding and Evolutionary Theory

Working languages:

  • Ukrainian,
  • English,
  • Russian


March 1, 2019

Registration and Article submission

All accepted materials will be published as a collection of academic papers «Factors in experimental evolution of organisms» (ISSN 2415-3826 (Online), ISSN 2219-3782 (Print)) prior to the beginning of the conference.

This periodical is included into the List of specialized scientific periodicals of Ukraine in the field of biology (The Order of the Ministry of education and sciences of Ukraine of October 10, 2017 N1413) as well as indexed in the Index Copernicus database.

All materials presented to the conference as academic papers will be published in the periodical in original language (Ukrainian, English or Russian) only after prepayment. The publication fee, which is equivalent to 25 Euros for VSGBU members, and 40 Euros for other participants, must be paid before March 1, 2019 into account of VSGBU: Kyiv, AT Raiffeisen Bank Aval MFO 380805, account 26001247064, EDRPOU (GCEO) 21 676 925 with an indication of only the first author’s surname. Since society does not have a foreign currency account, foreign participants can transfer money to the treasurer of the Society (03680, Kyiv, Acad. Zabolotnogo str., 150, Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics NAS of Ukraine for Poronnik Oksana Oleksandrivna on demand).

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