Conference "Herbaria and Phytodiversity Conservation" / 2018

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International Conference 'Herbaria and Phytodiversity Conservation'

3-5 October 2018



  • Herbaria and conservation of phytodiversity;
  • Prominent collectors and their scientific achievements;
  • Scientific societies and their part in plant science development;
  • Experimental studies and herbaria;
  • Modern trends in development and ordering of herbarium collections;
  • Herbaria and biological education.

Languages of the conference:

  • Ukrainian
  • Polish
  • English

The deadline

for submitting applications is 01.05.2018 (according to the attached form below) and summaries no later than by 10.05.2018 to the e-mail address: . The titles of submitted entries and their summaries should be presented in English. We anticipate the possibility of presentation in Ukrainian, Polish or English.

Within the framework of the Conference it is planned to publish a collection of conference papers in the special issue of scientific journal " Bulletin of L'viv University" Biological Series (ISI) in English or Ukrainian. The deadline to send the manuscripts will be June 1, 2018.

Conference fee

According to preliminary calculations, the organization fee will be 10 €. It will include the payment of the package of the conference participant, a coffee break, overhead costs. Excursions, accommodation and meals will be paid separately. The details of payment will be provided in the second circular.

Additional Information

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