Conference "The Biology of Plant Cells in vitro and Biotechnology" / 2018

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September 23–27, 2018,
Minsk, Republic of Belarus


Topics of the conference include the following scientific areas:

  • Collections of tissues and plant cells in vitro, including cryo-collections, their use to preserve the biodiversity of the plant gene pool and in modern plant biotechnology;
  • Molecular-biological, genetic, biochemical, cytological and physiological features of cultured plant cells;
  • Regulation of plant cell morphogenesis in vitro;
  • Cultured plant cells for cytology, biochemistry and plant physiology;
  • Genetically transformed cells and plants in basic research and biotechnology;
  • Isolated plant's organ and plantlets in vitro and microclonal propagation;
  • Cultured plant cells for industrial biotechnology;
  • Cultured plant cells for agricultural biotechnology.

Official languages of the conference

  • Russian,
  • Belarusian,
  • English.

The scientific programme

will be composed of a number of plenary lectures, oral and poster presentations. The final decision on the acceptance of your material and the presentation form (oral or poster presentation) remains with the Organizing Committee. Plenary reports - at the request of the Organizing Committee. The deadline for submission of materials is April 15, 2018.

Information about financial and organizational points:

Participants of the conference, whose materials will be accepted for publication, after April 25, 2018 will be sent a Second Announcement with information on the participation fees, a preliminary conference program and options for booking hotels in Minsk.

All payments must be done upon registration on-site in Minsk in Belarusian rubles (BYN). Cheques and travel cheques are not accepted.

It is assumed that the participation fees will not exceed for: Participants – 80 BYN ($40); students, PhD students – 30 BYN ($15); accompanying persons – 50 BYN ($25).

Approximate prices for accommodation in December 2017: single room – 60–140 BYN per day ($30–75); double room – 100–200 BYN per day ($50–85). For young participants it is possible to stay in hostels – from 15 BYN per day (from $7.5). The organizing committee is working on the optimization of accommodation expenses.

Additional Information

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