Conference on bionics and applied biophysics (ICBAB) / 2018

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XIII International conference on bionics and applied biophysics (ICBAB)

October, 18-20, 2018


The topics of the Conference:

  • neurobionics, neuron networks, neurocomputers;
  • mathematical and structural-informational modelling of biological and physical processes;
  • modelling and management the motive and visceral functions of biological objects;
  • human bionics and robototechnic;
  • molecular, cellular and systems biophysics, medical physics;
  • biophysical aspects of influence of factors of external environment (helio-geophysical and space influences, light tissue interaction, biorhythmics, chronobiology and chronomedicine);
  • biological and medical cybernetics;

The official languages of the conference

  • Ukrainian,
  • Russian
  • English.

Abstract submission deadline

October, 1, 2018

Address for communication:

Tel : +38 0670639261; +38 0662991371

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